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Albuquerque has a new Ride!

21 brand new city buses just rolled in to Albuquerque. Studio Hill Design provided the concept and design work on the buses, including the new coordinated interiors. The new ABQ RIDE buses, managed by The City of Albuquerque Transit Department, are a big change from the previous bus designs.

“We felt this was a highly visible opportunity to help brand and promote Albuquerque.”

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According to Sandy Hill of Studio Hill Design, “The city buses are large and they are everywhere. We felt this was a highly visible opportunity to help brand and promote Albuquerque. Working with ABQ RIDE, we selected 8 cultural icons unique to our city, and illustrated a different one on each bus, along with the tagline ‘Where You Want to Go.’ The illustrations will engage visitors and inspire them to see more of our city. Locals will be reminded of why this is such a special place to call home.”

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In addition to the cultural icons that are displayed on the sides of the buses, Studio Hill Design developed an entirely new color palette for ABQ Ride. The palette was chosen to enhance and coordinate with the existing turquoise used on the bus shelters and on the Alvarado Transit Center window trim. A modern, fresh lime green was selected and used as a natural complement to this classic New Mexican color. The lower section of the buses are detailed with graphics representing the streets and bus stops of a transit map and applied in highly visible reflective vinyl to keep our city safer.

A new, coordinating ABQ RIDE logo was also developed as a modernized, simplified graphic that is easier to read and works well on various applications including the bus shelters, print materials, and of course, the buses themselves.  Catch the Ride!


Define, Refine and Manage Your Brand


Impressions count and people talk. People want to talk about new exciting things and a huge part of getting people to talk about you is walking the walk.

If your website has not been overhauled since 2008, there is nothing to talk about. It is that simple. In order to generate buzz you need to create it. Hardly a day goes by that you do not head out your front door without thinking about the kind of impression you are going to make. This is exactly how you should be thinking about your business.

If you fail to define, refine and manage your brand, like it or not, the world will do it for you.

But don’t limit this way of thinking to just your website. This concept applies to all of your social channels and your brand’s public persona. This includes your logo, your collateral, your social media and your branding. You need to be regularly evaluating your customers’ expectations and their experiences associated with your company. Are they finding the value and the meaning behind your products or services that you intend for them to see? Or are they seeing something else? Are they seeing something good or something bad? Helpful or neutral? And how can you get them back on track if they have mistranslated your brand?

Once you identify areas where your brand has gotten off track, you can take steps to shift all channels into alignment. You can strengthen your brand message and educate your customers about the value you have to offer. After all, this isn’t 2008 anymore and at some point, every cobbler needs a new pair of shoes. How do yours look?  Do you need a polish or a new pair?

Another week, another website launch

Studio Hill Design just finished another great website design. This one is for Equal Access to Justice located in Albuquerque New Mexico. Eaj-nm.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was started in 1988 by concerned attorneys who wanted to assist New Mexicans facing civil legal problems that had financial hardships such as unemployment or health issues. The type of cases they work with include housing and shelter rights, domestic relations, consumer issues, government benefits, health care, Indian tribal issues, and protection of land and water rights.

The website was built in WordPress and allows visitors to make donations through the site. Take a look. We think it is pretty cool.


New Website Design Launch – Albuquerque Nob Hill Acupuncture

Studio Hill Design is proud to launch a new website for Albuquerque’s Nob Hill Acupuncture. Nob Hill Acupuncture combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge modern science to maintain and restore health. We designed the website with a warm and comforting color palette that invites visitors to learn how integrated medicine and acupunture combine to create balanced, healthy, and satisfying lives. With the website designed, developed, and launched, we will be turning our effort towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Albuquerque Website Design at it’s finest; from none other than Studio Hill Design.

Albuquerque Website Design By Studio Hill Design