Meyners + Company


Meyners + Co's main goal with their new space, 19,000 feet and an entire floor of the 500 Marquette building, was to project a fun, youthful vibe for the sake of recruiting. Meyners had plenty of clients... what they really needed were young CPA's out of school to come to work there.

We went deep on the interior branding concept - An abstract design based on the logo was developed for the marble entry floor, the grid pattern of the letterhead became the back wall of the reception, custom finance-themed graphics were developed and then printed as wallpaper. The employee break room got special attention with a fun atmosphere reminiscent of a popular local restaurant chain. We even named it Meyners' Diner with neon signs over the kitchen area. The different departments of the company were marked with custom banners to help with wayfinding in the maze-like space.

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