DKG & Associates Inc. – Roofing Contractor


DKG and Associates is a commercial roofing contractor with a long term reputation for getting the job done right. However, while DKG was focusing on building great roofs, their brand image was left behind. This was the perfect opportunity to bring DKG's image in line with the quality of their roofing work.


A simple, powerful logo resulted from turning the "K" sideways to represent both a flat and a pitched roof. An additional bit of logo magic emerged as the logo reads the same both forwards and backwards. This is handy for the sign design, as it reads equally well from both directions.


Comprehensive and cost-effective roofing solutions


The website features randomly loading severe weather images (the enemy of roofs) and explains the unique DKG approach. Coordinating brochure packets expand the message to a wider audience and provide a template for proposals. Apparel and vehicle graphics bring the brand to the people.


"Working with Sandy and her team is like working with old friends. With their dedication, creativity and superlative writing skills, they created an exceptionally unique logo, designed our website on which we've received many compliments, and they have branded everything from our stationery to vehicles and equipment. I highly recommend Studio Hill Design for all your branding needs."
Deborah Kelly Good - President, DKG



Never miss an opportunity to build your brand! DKG's new building interior and exterior features their corporate color palette and clean design aesthetic.  
Video Production (Press Play)

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