Specialized Trust Company


Specialized Trust Company is a boutique financial services firm that offers an alternative path to IRA investment. By functioning as a trust for retirement funds, they offer a way for individuals to completely self-direct their investments as they please… from real estate to investing in their own business.


Because this option of IRA investing is generally unknown to most people, individuals who choose this option to grow their retirement accounts are considered “pathfinders” who don’t feel a need to follow the pack. Studio Hill Design ran with this approach in creating the iconic “Field Guide to Financial Freedom”. Classic adventure and navigation tools are used to illustrate this unique approach to investment in the compelling guidebook, which is distributed to new account holders.




Social Media ads promote STC's elite Platinum plan option, while building on the original brand theme.


Your Money. Your Future. Your Way.

The tagline, “Your Money. Your Future. Your Way.” pretty much sums up the advantage of self-directing one’s IRA through Specialized Trust Company. The tagline is featured prominently on display panels at trade shows and seminars to help pique curiosity and engage participants.



Interior branding features such as custom wallpaper play off this same trailblazer concept. On the corporate side, a file-worthy presentation folder that becomes its own file folder encourages recipients to retain the information packet. Matching stationery with unique square business cards completes the package.








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