New Mexico Heart Institute


New Mexico Heart Institute, New Mexico's largest independent heart specialist group, had a great reputation along with a tired logo and mismatched marketing materials. Due to its equity, we chose to keep the original logo intact, while refreshing the color palette and font for a familiar yet fresh new look. An in depth branding process resulted in the tagline, "Trust Us With Your Heart."


The old, dated website was replaced with an extensive yet welcoming website. The new site is patient-centered and easy to use. It features bright pages and friendly images of NMHI's physicians, along with extensive information on all treatments and services.


Trust Us with Your Heart



A complete set of coordinated print materials was developed to accompany the website and expand the new brand. The old physician directory which required frequent reprints was replaced with a set of handy "baseball cards" of each physician. These are used for multiple purposes - from complete, customizable information packets to physician business cards. A new brand image and marketing materials increased awareness and patient use of the online portal.


"Working with Studio Hill has been a breeze! Sandy's team always asked the right questions. The design aspect of Studio Hill is spot on as well. Sandy has helped us really "brand" our organization, no matter what the budget. Studio Hill is a great team of experts that are a joy to work with. "
Missy Taylor, PT, DPT, PMP - Senior Director, NMHI


The brand image was delivered directly into the patients' experience through wayfinding, signage, wall graphics and Interior Branding features throughout the clinic.


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