Albuquerque Rapid Transit


Yes, we worked on Albuquerque Rapid Transit - seemingly Albuquerque's most controversial project ever.

Knowing that ART would be a highly visible representation of our city's brand for years to come, Studio Hill Design stepped up to the plate to make it the best it could possibly be. As a result, we created a welcoming, contemporary yet historically authentic vibe for the new ART line along Albuquerque's Route 66 on Central Avenue.


Connecting People, Creating Place, Driving Opportunity


Working with the mayor's directive to create a retro Route 66 feel, we created a logo based on old motel signs, and developed it into iconic signage to identify station stops along Central. The retro feel spilled over onto the bus design as well. We cooked up the first ever city bus with LED neon strips over a silver metallic background, creating the feel of a rolling diner. The website dispenses extensive information in a bright, easy to navigate format. A collection of coordinated print material covers every topic from basic facts to business assistance programs.


Exterior Bus Design

Interior Bus Design

Station Signage

Monument Sign

Promotional Station Posters


Transit Guide and Map

"Rarely does superior creativity and outside the box thinking in branding and communication line up with cost effectiveness and meeting deadlines - in Studio Hill's case it does every time."
Dayna Crawford, Albuquerque Rapid Transit

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