Sandia Preparatory School


Sandia Prep is an independent high school which provides students a well-rounded education in a nurturing environment. Their students have myriad opportunities to explore their interests and to discover their future potential. Sandia Prep graduates are prepared for college and for life through their experience at the school. We developed the original tagline "Prepare for Life" to represent this unique approach to education. After many years of working with Sandia Prep, the time came to refresh the tagline, so we revised it to "The Future Goes to Sandia Prep".


At Sandia Prep, the focus is on the student, so the marketing materials take the same approach. In the viewbook as well as in the website, the viewer is impacted by multiple images of happy, engaged students learning, creating and interacting with caring mentors. This same holistic strategy is reflected in the logo, which represents a group of kids with arms outstretched, as well as Sandia Prep's 5 A's.


The Future Goes to Sandia Prep

"I love working with Studio Hill. They are exceptional designers, gifted branders, insightful strategists, and the very best at what they do. Collaborating with them is pure joy - and a recipe for success."
Celeste A. Walther, APR

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