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Gallup McKinley County Schools, McKinley Academy Promotional Video

Who wouldn’t want to graduate from high school having already earned their associate’s degree? Studio Hill Design produced this video about the dual enrollment program between Gallup McKinley County Schools and UNM’s McKinley Academy. The purpose of the video is to inspire teens within the school district to take control of their futures through a well rounded education with an early start. Script, videography, production and editing by Studio Hill Design.

Gallup McKinley County Schools Teacher Recruitment Video

Gallup McKinley County Schools, which is located in rural northwestern New Mexico, had a difficult time recruiting teachers to their remote location. Studio Hill Design created this inspiring video giving teachers multiple reasons to make the move. Script, videography, production and editing by Studio Hill Design.   

Zoom Background Set Two is Here!

Take it outside for a change with our latest Zoom background set.

Introducing: The Great Outdoors Series, or How to be a jet-setter from the comfort of your armchair.

Like so many others, you are probably working from home right now — feeling… well, cooped up frankly.

That is why we are happy to deliver Part two of our ZOOM virtual background series , featuring the great outdoors.

Download and transport yourself into the wild during your next online meeting and send us a screenshot! We’ve loved seeing the shots you’ve sent so far. Better yet, send us a Zoom invite!


All photos by Sandy Hill, our resident intrepid traveler, during more travel-friendly times.

Albuquerque’s Mural Directory

Here is a promo we put together for our little side project MurosAbq.

MurosABQ is Albuquerque’s Mural Directory.

A special thank you goes out to Maddox & Co. and Garcia Automotive Group who stepped up to help fund the ambitious effort to get started. Information and support for the website were provided by Downtown Albuquerque Arts & Cultural District, City of Albuquerque Public Art, 516 ARTS, Warehouse 508, Working Classroom, and “a biz by bre.”

…and we’ve only just begun.

We’ve got our clients covered – in wallpaper

New Mexico MEP’s brand new office needed a little customization to make it uniquely their own. Studio Hill designed and created manufacturing-themed wallpaper to coordinate with the paint and flooring we had chosen for the space. The splashy result cheers up everyone who passes by while simultaneously building the MEP brand.

Studio Hill Design & MurosABQ in the News

On Sunday evening, the city’s first official mural trolley tour took to the streets. In spite of Albuquerque’s first cold snap of the season, a jolly band of locals and tourists boarded the open air deck on one of Albuquerque Trolley Co.’s newset and most exciting services.

Concepted by Studio HIll Design, Mural Fest and Albuquerque Trolley Co., the tour featured at least 50 murals painted throughout the Downtown and Nob Hill areas. Most of those murals can also be seen by visiting, Albuquerque’s first and best online mural directory.

View the video from news station KRQE above for the full scoop. in the News

Take a look at this awesome television report from local station KRQE about why we built Thanks for the sweet report by Allison Martinez.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Murals are everywhere around Albuquerque, and now there’s a website highlighting the best of them and helping you find them.

“There’s something just so artsy about here, I just love driving through,” said muralist Amelia Richardson. “You get to see so many murals and so many mosaics that you don’t get anywhere else.”

Portraying everything from nature and tradition, to history and religion, there’s an abundance of murals around Albuquerque.

Read the article from KRQE here…

Studio Hill Design Ranked Top Web Design Firm – Again

connection-speech-bubbles-blogIn 2013 Studio Hill Design was again reported by Albuquerque Business First to be one of the top grossing web design firms in New Mexico. How does this happen to such a small company? Offering a combination marketing-based website design, graphic design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and video production for websites is common place among good web design firms. But we add a little something special. We make connections. Using what our clients have referred to as insightful questioning and intuitive understanding, Studio Hill Design has developed an expertise in discovering and understanding each client’s potential. With this understanding we design websites that create positive, meaningful experiences … that’s how.

You do not measure up to this goldfish. Now get some video on your website, improve your SEO and engage your visitors.

PastedGraphic-9The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. Your attention span? A paltry 8 seconds, down from 12, as recently as 4 years ago. Heck, you probably can’t even remember what you had for breakfast, let alone something from 4 years ago.
This statistic might seem alarming to you. But this is the world we live in, where a constant barrage of distractions are hitting us from every direction. Right now, within in your immediate vicinity there is probably a cell phone and an office phone where you can be reached, two email boxes that need answering and a text message coming in from your daughter who needs a ride. Distraction is everywhere. Add to this the fact that you have the entire world-wide-web at your fingertips right now. FlappyBird much? Facebook much? The average office worker checks their email an average 30 times an hour. Wow.

Still with me? I have another number for you – 2.7 minutes. What’s this you say? The entire history of the world? That my friend, is the average length of time that internet users are willing to commit to watching a single video on the web – 2.7 minutes. Compare this to the Neilsen Norman Group’s report that the average page visit is less than a minute, or that the average television commercial is 15 to 30 seconds. Think of what you could do with a 2.7 minute engagement from your website visitors.

Video is your best oportunity to communicate a lot of information quickly. Viewers can see what your products or your services look like and make a meaningful connection with you and your company. A short punchy video can convey in just a few moments what might take 200 words to say. That is powerful.

Further, with yin yang symbiosis, video can improve your SEO. You see, not only does Google index and direct traffic to your video, but once it sees that people are spending a lot of time on your web pages, it increases your SEO page ranking. It’s a win-win.

So if you have made it this far, the next thing you are probably asking is “How do I make a video?” That’s simple. Call us.

As far as goldfish are concerned… wait… what was that about the goldfish?

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