What the heck is Interior Branding?*

Branding is possibly the most overused and least understood term in modern business. At Studio Hill, we simply define branding as the sum of the perceptions and experiences people have of your company. Our goal is always to define and strengthen our clients’ brands. That’s why, years ago, we expanded our design offerings and developed Interior Branding. A critical key to building a strong brand is to bring all perceptions of your company into alignment. What could be a more powerful experience of your brand than when someone walks through your door? At this point, they are literally immersed in your brand – for better or worse!

With standout Interior Design and Branding, customers will be inspired and more inclined to work with you.

Many companies understand and value the importance of a great logo and website, but their office space is drenched in beige and filled with generic furniture from “business interior” land (interpreted: overpriced and boring.) Throw in a lobby logo sign and a couple of plants and call it good.

Your visitors AND your employees deserve more than this. Why not use your physical space as a palette, a message board, to tell the world what your organization is all about? The opportunities to maximize your space are nearly endless, as indicated by these examples of Studio Hill’s Interior Branding below:

Consider these interior elements:

Color: Does it feature and/or coordinate with your corporate identity colors? Or could your space be anyone’s office? Does it say something unique about your company? Does it exude a unique, welcoming vibe? Is it a place you feel good about coming in to?

This is an obvious opportunity to reinforce your brand. Showcase your logo as a gorgeous, 3D lobby sign in a prominent location.

Quality of materials and finishes: It has been said, “Anything you do reflects everything you do.” If you skimp on quality in your space, customers will know that you skimp in other places, too. This need not be expensive. It just requires attention to detail.

Overall design quality and ambiance:
Is your space purposeful and well thought-out? Or did it fall together over time with no real plan? Again, you can show visitors that you care about the details and you value quality.

Lighting: Is it welcoming or off-putting? Is the light sufficient for a good work environment, yet easy on the eyes? And the scariest question of all … does it consist of only of plastic covers over florescent tubes? There’s a world of opportunity for improvement!… Especially with new energy saving, long lasting LED options.

Reception desk: The first impression when they walk through the door! Does it instantly convey your company personality and exude a professional, welcoming vibe?

Lobby area: Your guests will spend their first minutes here, getting a feel for your company. What do you want that feel to be?

Break room:
Often the most overlooked space in the office. Do you want your employees to feel valued? Give them a great space! It will build loyalty and camaraderie.

And this is just the beginning.

With standout Interior Design and Branding, customers will be inspired and more inclined to work with you. Employees will be happier and more productive, as well as being proud of the place they work. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing you finally have all your branding ducks in a row. Interior Branding offers a prime opportunity to exude your organization’s unique DNA, and to let your visitors know what is so special about you. Don’t hide your light from the world… shine out!

Check out some additional examples of Studio Hill Design’s Interior Branding in action, and decide if your space measures up.

*Don’t feel bad if you are unfamiliar with this term. We invented it.