We are… Listening.

The branding, graphic design & website design team your company needs to stand out in a competitive market – within Albuquerque & beyond.


papersIn Albuquerque since 1986, we love to take clients from where they are to where they want to be —through the power of design. We do this by listening. By collaborating. By engaging.

The deeper our understanding of our clients’ business, clientele and goals, the more unique and powerful the resulting marketing materials will be.

When our clients and their potential clients experience the results of our work, perception and understanding are raised all around. Then everyone benefits.


targetWe work with our clients as partners. After all, they know their business better than anyone, and we know best how to tell their stories.

We listen between the lines to what our clients say, and get to the core of their unique value.

We then create marketing materials that represent them in the very best light … Materials that actually inspire them (and their employees) to become even better, while motivating others to do business with them.

What could be more fun than that?

Corporate Identity / Logo Design
Website Design and SEO
Interior Branding
Product/Company Naming

Exhibit Design / Trade Show Display
Brochures / Print Materials
Advertising: Print, Outdoor and Electronic



Sandy Hill, The Big Cheese

Sandy is the chief listener and creative director of Albuquerque’s Studio Hill Design, and knows how to turn clients’ stories into communications gold. She is starting to get pretty good at this after over 30 years of practice.

  • Has won a stack of design awards. Keeps them all in a file drawer in the back closet.
  • Says Gobi, her Aussie/Golden cross, is her role model.
  • Climbs rocks and walls.


Rick Rennie, The Bumbling Genius

Rick’s intuitive, visionary thinking makes him the ultimate asset for brand development and strategy. That’s why he has been asked to serve on nearly every board in Albuquerque.

  • Can get to the heart of a client’s business DNA faster than you can say “Branding.”
  • Worked in the construction industry in a previous life, which comes in peculiarly handy.
  • Reads 3 books a week, but loses his glasses 3 times a day.

Sean Chavez, The Multipotentialite

Sean serves as art director and designer, and has been with Studio Hill Design since 2001. Sean provides hardcore technical knowledge combined with sensible design aesthetics to every project.

  • Closes all HTML tags including <br /> and <hr />.
  • Still names all files with lowercase and underscores.
  • Once swam with sharks.


Anthony Sanchez, The Cruncher

Anthony knows that numbers are the secret code to the universe. His OCD and background in accounting help bring order to the chaotic world of front office tasks.

  • Dreams in debits and credits.
  • Cohabitates with Yorkies.
  • Spends the rest of the time California Dreamin.

Call: 505.242.8300